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(14 Life Lessons. A woman’s journey in finding her answers)

From the Introduction of Life

Growing up my life seemed perfect until I reached the age of 12.

Suddenly the life I’d known had a surprise twist.

I didn’t know what to do and I was really shaken by the events.

I thought with my situation my only option was to be miserable.

I was only 12, one day I felt uncomfortable being unhappy.

A voice popped inside my head asking myself innocently “Why it feels sad to be
sad?” I am still very young and the world is unknown to me.

Puberty came and it was a very unstable stage.

I remember I can’t wait to graduate from college to really discover what really Life is.

One thing I noticed that remained the same at any stage of my life, inside of me lives a soul of wonderment.

I consider myself as a dedicated student of Life and this will remain with me forever.

In this book are 14 lessons on how I see life, a person’s beauty, and our potential as human beings.

I hope this will serve you well as much as it did to me. Let me take you on my journey in this Life.

(Published March 17, 2018)

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