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Quick Guide How to Start a Blog

(even if you are not a writer)

Here’s a look of what’s Inside

a. Why Blog
b. What You Can Gain in Maintaining a Blog
c. 5 Tips You Can Do Now
d. 3 Benefits When You Start Writing Now
e. What to Plan Next
f. Beginners Blog Checklist

This will serve those who do not have any idea where to begin.

  • Even if you are not a writer
  • You have no idea what will be your topic
  • You do not have a single article ready
I will give you the mindset and the structure of what to plan ahead before signing up to any platform and publish publicly your very first blog.

(Published June 15 2018)

Poetry Book


(14 Life Lessons. A woman’s journey in finding her answers)

From the Introduction of Life

Growing up my life seemed perfect until I reached the age of 12.

Suddenly the life I’d known had a surprise twist.

I didn’t know what to do and I was really shaken by the events.

I thought with my situation my only option was to be miserable.

I was only 12, one day I felt uncomfortable being unhappy.

A voice popped inside my head asking myself innocently “Why it feels sad to be
sad?” I am still very young and the world is unknown to me.

Puberty came and it was a very unstable stage.

I remember I can’t wait to graduate from college to really discover what really Life is.

One thing I noticed that remained the same at any stage of my life, inside of me lives a soul of wonderment.

I consider myself as a dedicated student of Life and this will remain with me forever.

In this book are 14 lessons on how I see life, a person’s beauty, and our potential as human beings.

I hope this will serve you well as much as it did to me. Let me take you on my journey in this Life.

(Published March 17 2018)


(a collection of contemporary poetry about self love and my sentimental observation about relationships)

From the Introduction of Love

For my very close friends I am the last person who will talk about Love.

Since most of my adult life I am single by choice.

I had my first relationship when I was 30 years old.

Yet here I am publishing my very first book titled Love.

And guess what? This was released on exactly the day of Valentine’s Day.

I am a new writer few months ago on my blog and today I am a new author.

I long dream of writing my own book but to answer when and how, I have no idea.

I love writing since I can remember.

It is something I am not good at but I keep on writing anyway because I can’t help it.

No matter how many times I got tired of doing it, inspiration always come back and drives me to keep on writing.

I wrote this poems in a spur of the moment.

I tend to write in long forms but sometimes my message got tangled under the amount of words all together.

I hope the words will empower you and let you see Love from my eyes.

(Published February 14 2018)