How To Live A Happy Life?

How To Live A Happy Life?

Upgrade your life


Oooohhh that was so juicy.

Often times we try to “upgrade” our life by acquiring things to elevate our feelings and our relationship towards ourselves.

I remember this feelings significantly started when I was a teenager.

There were moments that I wanted to drastically change my hair from long to short. Hoping to feel better towards myself.

I wanted a certain brand of clothes, shoes or bags.

But as I walked more on this life I noticed I felt a different satisfaction, a different joy whenever I improved, change the way I think and feel towards the stories from my past.

The profound joy weighs more and lasts longer

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3 Ways to Grow Love for Life

3 Ways to Grow Love for Life

Loving our life don’t come naturally for all of us.

I believe that most of us have some form or stage of just hating what is happening.

At the same time I also believe that we need that stage for us to understand and grow even further.

To push us to the path of happiness and joy.

 #1 Cultivate Self Love

“There is no expiration date on the person you are.
There is no “best before” date on the incredible mixture of power, intensity and energy that have combined to make you up.”
– Lisa Nichols

Accept your self all in

Accept your story inside and out

 #2 Know that everything is a process, it will take time

“All change is hard at first,
Messy in the middle,
And so beautiful at the end”
-Robin Sharma

#3 Cultivate Gratitude of Attitude 

Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you
-Jim Carrey



Where I Started in Decluttering My Life

Where I Started in Decluttering My Life

Beginning and endings are vital part of our life.

As we move on with our life journey we also expand our horizon, changes are very significant part of it.

In my experience I became unconscious about the things I am allowing to take with me every pit stop before moving ahead.

I collect and carry everything with me until one day I realized I have too much too handle.

I started asking myself:

Why it feels heavy in my mind, body and spirit?

I carried with me all my

Emotional baggage,

Too many items I own which creates physical clutter,

that eventually leads to my mental clutter.

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Eat Like A Local: 5 Noodle Dish when in Singapore

Eat Like A Local: 5 Noodle Dish when in Singapore

During my first ever travel overseas I was told to save my money and just have cup noodles for my meal so I will have money to buy for my souvenirs. This was ages ago.

I tried but that didn’t worked well because the next day I was hungry like a hippo, told myself I will never do that again 😆.

The next day I ordered the first dish that seem appetising to me and that happen to be a beef noodle while in Hong Kong Disneyland.

That day I felt that noodle was heaven sent and the tastiest food I’ve ever had until to this day.

That experience was unforgettable and I develop an appreciation for the real noodle dish.

Everything is extra special when you are extra hungry, right?

What I love about Singapore is they have wide variety of dishes because their culture is diverse.

In this blog I will share all about the noodles 😆.

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