Life can start out messy.

Life can be messy.


But in any chaos, there is an order trying to emerge.

I have experienced many dip points in my life.

It was hard to trust, but I trusted in the unknown anyway.

I didn’t stop because it means I am giving up.

We need to keep on walking, crawl if we have to.

But don’t stay stuck in the same place,

The same headspace,

The same story, over and over again waiting for a different ending.

Keep on creating a new experience.

Keep on looking for a different window.

Don’t wait for the doors that had closed until it opens again.

Because the truth it is, that may never happen again.


The longer you keep on walking and moving forward releasing all the guilt, shame, revenge, and resentments.

When you looked back you will see by your own eyes, feel by your own soul how you have grown in spiritual maturity.

How strong you are now on your emotional maturity.

That experience now becomes your solid baseline.

You will not go back as the same person before or even lesser version of yourself now.



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