What if?

What if?

One of the lessons of inversions in Yoga is to answer this question.

How does it feel when our heart is higher than our head?

For us to feel and understand.

To be reminded at least once a day, once a week or once a month.

We have been programmed that the heart is the mushy, sentimental, soft and tender.

While the opposite of our mind is where the power, the strength, and control over things.



When I was new learning the basics of headstand, I remember I was so confused.

I was at home, I carefully watched the how-to videos and I practiced against a wall.

I am completely safe, I am supported by a wall.

But I can’t raise my feet all the way up because my mind was so confused how to navigate while upside down.

If I followed the narratives in my head, that this thing is crazy.

I will never repeat it over and over again that day until I finally able to lift both my legs off the ground.

Slowly getting higher, every inhale I gently straighten my shaky legs until I felt in my heart I did the required movement.

After I came down my mind was still confused.

It was my heart that pushed me to try more than once.

Once I was able to do that over a period of time I move away from the wall.

My mind kicks in again telling me I think you are crazy.

What I did was I practice against a couch so I can land into something soft just in case.

The 2 Voices Inside Our Head


This is the beginning where slowly I understand the different voices inside my head.

Before I found yoga, I am solely living inside the space of my critical mind.

I was in a jail cell of my fears, my old beliefs and old stories.

I convinced myself that power and accomplishments are the real goals.

Even I have a very strong willpower.

In the space of my heart, I know it’s not working.


Now I gained more clarity, my almost worn out mat who never spoken a single word to me.

Has transformed the way I think.

I am still human, who experience all kinds of breakdowns, all emotions we all do have.

The difference now is I can catch myself.

Inhale deep, exhale loudly to connect within.

I know I need to go back to my silence.

Refocus my mind and if possible to practice yoga.



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