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Handstand needs a balance between strength and flexibility.

In life, one needs to have the strength to forgive, be kind, generous and loving especially to those unkind, ungrateful and people who wronged us.

Every day, life demands patience, perseverance, and determination.

One needs to be strong if not people will take advantage of us when our boundaries are weak.

Life is not predictable and flexibility is the key so not to be overstressed.

Flexibility in the mind or one’s adaptability.

Continuously showing up on your mat. These values are applied to yourself first as a reminder of self-love.

Having done that it will be easier to apply towards others.

Whatever internal SUCCESS one accomplished on their yoga mat.

Whatever mastery you will acquire along the way.

You will be surprised by both your Confidence and your success Competence will increase.

I know success is a lifelong commitment and so to showing up to my yoga mat.

It is a journey, not a one-stop destination.

As well as in life, we are all a work in progress.



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