Preparing your-7.png

In this video is my before and now.

The first 2 clips were from 4years ago.

The headstand video was the very first time I learned it.

I was so slow, taking my time, wobbly, and zero muscles.

The behind the scene story on that was I was figuring out the movement since morning!

I kept on watching the headstand YouTube tutorial.

It was dark already when I finally lifted my legs all the way up. haha


I enjoyed it a lot and no matter how hard it is, since I am very passionate I don’t mind all the effort and how to navigate these inversions.

Different Mindset

The experience gave me a different mindset.

I am alone in this journey, no matter how I want to involve my friends it just didn’t happen.

Does anyone experience this too?

Alone but so satisfied with the new found path.

I realized as long as it made sense to me, I can make it, I can do it and most importantly I can figure this out.

Since then it just gave me a boost to find my own way, basically away from the normal things.


I found another new path, I am now brainstorming and learning about this new thing.

My old version will be too anxious for even start planning with something I haven’t experience.

My headspace is just very different now since Yoga became part of my lifestyle.

I will not change a single thing.





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