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Have you had that experience when your mind is ever so in the present moment?

You are not worrying or not solving a problem.

You find yourself receiving downloads of informationwords are flowing, coming inside your head?

I had that moment today while I was preparing for my yoga practice, these ideas came to me.

  • Collect Memories
  • Collect Positive Habits
  • Collect a Bank of Lessons from your life experiences

The more we do this we are creating an internal library of blueprints on how to approach life.

Find time to assess the key principles.

Find parallelisms in each experience then apply this in every area of our life.

Like relationships, career, finances, health, fitness, and spirituality.

What we will develop on doing this in a long run is our Character.

  • Resiliency
  • Persistence
  • Adoptive

A foundational groundwork for any success in life.




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