Preparing your-9

First Job

After working locally for 7years I felt a strong urge to explore other opportunities.

The company I served became my family since it was my first job.

I started as a crew and build my way up until I resigned as a store manager.

I am not fully prepared when I resigned, I just know I had to do it because I felt so.

I had a back pay and I bought a ticket to Singapore to find my luck.

Honestly I don’t remember how I felt, how much worry I have.

I know that the fear of going back home jobless is a possibility and I don’t have plan B in mind.

Job hunt in Singapore


I browsed the Sunday ads, submitted my resume, walked into agencies, made friends, heard all the horror stories and few good ones for landing a job.

It was a tough process since their government has strict rules.

Even a company hired me, the approval of my working permit is still solely based on their manpower government office.

I had several interviews and did an actual training for a restaurant. The working environment was so depressing, they told me they were not paid on time. The restaurant is losing money.

They were all asking me why to bother looking for a job in Singapore when I have a good career back home.

It’s not the exact words I am wanting to hear. I started doubting my plans.

The 3 days 8 hours training was free, I heard all the bad stories. I finished the 3 days solely because I wanted to extend my help.

On my last day I told the manager, there’s no need to discuss my job offer.

I don’t want to know how much, I only stayed to really help them.

The manager told my agent what I did.

I stayed, out of compassion since most of the workers were Filipinos.

I won’t deny it was tough 3 days dragging all the heavy tables and dragged them again during closing.

My agent was so impressed by my gesture.

To me really it was nothing.

It humbled me, very not likely of what I do back home.

Asking Myself


Am I staying with my plans?

I went back home after 2 months, I wasn’t able to secure a job.

Short months after, my agent asked me to attend a hotel screening.

The interview will be held in the Philippines, the job offer will be in Singapore.

We have no idea what hotel it was, we were only informed it is “5star.”

Among the many applicants, there were only 2 ladies hired and one was me!

They still had to process my papers before I can rejoice and I was praying so hard.

Everything was approved and I am already expected to report for work immediately!

Suddenly Offloaded

On the day of my flight to Singapore I was offloaded.

The immigration didn’t let me go through because I just came back from 2 months stay in that tiny country.

It was another set of a story I had to process my documents locally.

I had to queue 4am to meet the quota of applicants for securing the working abroad documents.

The office opens at 8am!

Seriously it was a lot of struggle.

But this has a good ending!

I landed a job in a luxury hotel.

I became part of Raffles Hotel Singapore.

In Closing

Good things take time.

We have to anchor to what is right, be firm to know what we deserve and surrender on what is right for us will come our way.

Thank you for reading.



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