Where I Started in Decluttering My Life

Beginning and endings are vital part of our life.

As we move on with our life journey we also expand our horizon, changes are very significant part of it.

In my experience I became unconscious about the things I am allowing to take with me every pit stop before moving ahead.

I collect and carry everything with me until one day I realized I have too much too handle.

I started asking myself:

Why it feels heavy in my mind, body and spirit?

I carried with me all my

Emotional baggage,

Too many items I own which creates physical clutter,

that eventually leads to my mental clutter.

When having vacation in a tranquil and beautiful place doesn’t work anymore.

When buying the new make up to make me feel good doesn’t work anymore.

I finally came to my senses that I need to help myself simplify to gain a renewed space in my inner and outside world.

To help myself breathe freely in the comforts of my own space.

And most importantly to sit comfortably in silence listening to the stories inside my head.

The biggest question and the challenge is where to start?

I read books to help me paint a picture of the whole process leading to an organised outside world.

I am prepared for the  amount of work, time, and effort I needed to put in before I get my desired result.

I started with decluttering my email inbox.

It was a lot, it took me probably more than 2 days to finish deleting and sorting them out.

For me it is the easiest way to warm up before sorting out my personal belongings.

Next I did a digital detox.

First I tackled my Facebook.

It came to a point that it is too noisy and too distracting.

I first deleted “friends” who where not really my close friends.

But it still doesn’t feel right to me, until I decided to create a new one.

My old account was existing for 9 years and I no longer felt connected to that old version of myself.

It felt good to start fresh with friends whom I really trust.

I started with this, progressed and I continued to declutter other areas of my life too.

Giving way to the new woman I am becoming, opening the doorway that leads me to clarity in my life.

“Change is often hard in the beginning, messy in the middle and so worth it at the end”

Do you have experience in decluttering too?






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