How’s Your Month of April?

Why time flies so fast?

Bidding another month a good bye.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

🦋 Fruits in season this summer! In Philippines this is called singkamas (Jicama).


🦋I reordered this two. I am adding the quinoa with our turmeric brown rice while I add the chia seeds on our green juice.


🦋Visited Singapore for my birthday and had been eating a lot 😆 than usual! During our trips we indulge.


🦋 When in Singapore our favourite bonding is having foot massage. This branch is located at South bridge road near China town.


🦋 Our hotel got an android butler. This is Sophie, they also have a male version name Xavier.

Sophie at the lobby while charging

🦋 We totally forgot we were in Singapore and ordered our usual favourite Live fish. When the bill arrived it cost 60 sgd 😳.

It was deliciously prepared but it was very expensive 😅.


🦋 I quite read a lot of materials this month that I got lost and didn’t list them all. Just now as I am writing this I finished the Little Black Book for Stunning Success by Robin Sharma.

I hope all had a productive month and may we all have a blessed year ahead of us!



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