It is way different than 26 for sure!

It was not long ago.
I will share a bit of a story from that age.
I had a quarter-life crisis, I started questioning things for my future.
I was planning for it with extreme control.
Because at 26 I was a person who has authority at work.
I got so immersed into that role and I got carried away.
I thought, I just had to treat life with the same intensity!
Same power! Same determination!
A sure formula for me to hit my goal. Just like a sales target.

I was so wrong! Because life doesn’t happen that way.
I end up so stressed. I had a terrible ulcer, I always had a headache.
I was like a pharmacy carrying medicines with me.
Those are for my emergency headache, stomach problems et al.
For quite some time this seems to be normal.
I was exposed to the same people, we were in the same environment.
Basically, we were experiencing the same matter.

Although I know that being grateful will bring me everything I prayed for.
With my situation, it’s just so hard to be in that energy.

20’s was the age that I have a high tolerance for long working hours.
The more I can endure the more “self-worth” I get.
Because that meant I am resilient and I get through things no matter how challenging it was.
Then I hit 25 I started assessing, was it all worth it?

I really don’t have real self-love.
I love the plan I had in mind for my future.
At that age, that’s the only thing that matters.
That’s how I felt, that time it felt right.

Then came one day I felt in my gut and in my soul this is all wrong.
I got it all wrong.
In a twist of faith, life happened.
Many good stories happened.

Yoga came into my life and it changed everything.
Not all at once.
I turned inward, I was able to connect to that magical place.
I can hear my inner guide loud and clear, here I encountered inner shifts.
It helped me changed my perspective and find balance in my own terms.

Thank you for reading! It’s 36 lines! 👆🏽


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