🦋Heart shapes showed up to me. Here are the photos, all from a month of March.

🦋I enrolled in another Mindvalley course with Lisa Nichols. I did my first Live video on the group, that was so nerve-racking.
Anyone been to her online course? She is the best!

🦋I attended Hilary Rushford free webinar too, about Instagram. Woah she talks so fast nonstop, happy dance, sing and I wonder if she breathes. Such a ball of energy, hard to keep up.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 7.24.28 PM

🦋It was my 2nd time to prepare this. It is a local dessert called ube (purple yam). I edited the recipes online because it can be too sweet. It’s a root crop if you are not familiar with it.

It looked like an ice cream 😅

🦋In Philippines, this is called Paho. This taste like green mango, its variety is only this size. We add this to tomatoes serve as a salad. This is only available during summer.


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