My Story

When I was struggling in life

The most powerful and life-changing moment for me was

When I realized I can ask and seek.

  • Ask for help
  • Ask for question
  • Ask for a good advice
  • Ask for guidance
  • Ask for mentorship

From someone I know has been there,

coping up with the same situation,

someone I know can understand where I am coming from

and can help me to the degree I am looking for.

There were times that I do not have access to a person who can help me fully.

I seek out for it.

I attended a different church,

out of my normal routine,

out of my usual belief,

out of my normal circle.

Higher Connection

I was willing to seek out for connection higher than person to person.

While I was working with that, I recognized that it made me feel good for a certain area.

But the curiosity and longing to know more didn’t stop from there.

Inside of me, I want to straighten up my life across all areas.

Not just in my career, my finances, my goals, personal relationship, relationship to the outside world, relationship to my self.

Total Alignment

What I crave for is a total harmony of everything about me, my total existence.

I seek out more and found my answers in reading books.

I am still doing this process, I believe that we can find our forever with this.

I will never say that finally, I got it because I know at one point I will find myself struggling in a different way.

And I need to go through the same process again and repeat as long as I live.

From My Heart

Every day we always have some form of struggle in varying degrees.

I do this with minor or major things.

Acknowledging that at some point.

In one time.

The best that we can do to help us out in a situation, is to ask for help.

Exit from the ego and acknowledge the power of our humbleness that creates a stronger connection through our heart.

Our daily stress will be a lot less.

Thank you for reading.


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