❤️ Focus (Drishti)

My life experience sometimes doesn’t make sense.
Yet I needed to keep on moving forward and adjust where I am looking at.
I keep on walking until one day, finally, I find the gem from that life experience.

❤️ Attitude of Perseverance

I must have the courage to keep showing up on my yoga mat regardless of how I feel. (feel good/feel bad)
Like in life every day is not a good day, show up anyway.

❤️ Every Effort Counts

I believe in the power of compounding interest.
Big or small efforts (down dog, sun salutation, handstands) doesn’t matter what you practice.
The efforts are the same, the lessons are the same.
I needed to understand that the little things are the big things.

❤️  Balance Between Strength and Flexibility

Weighing between the heart and mind, balance is the key.
Like in life, I needed to learn when to give and learn when to receive.
Life is a dance of when to hold on and when to let go.

❤️ Everything is a Process

I had to accept where I’m at and start from there.
It doesn’t matter how I start, what matters is how I finish.
Don’t quit, life is a journey, not a race.


The photo was from Ubud Yoga House, taken 2016.

Check them out when you visit Bali!



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