At Home Again

It’s not my first time to visit our town proper since coming back from working abroad.

But on that particular day when I was running errands with my mom.

Walking along the streets, observing the people, the structure, feeling the atmosphere and soaking into that moment.

While going around, it gave me such a good sentimental feeling.

Inside of me I was smiling and my heart in dancing.

The City

The province vibe remained particularly the same when I was still a student walking along the same street on my way to school.

During those time I remember very clearly, I carry heavy loads of doubts about myself.

And most of the time I am uncomfortable with being me.

I always wish I was born in another body, place and time.

The load gets heavier every single day.

Add to that! My relationship with my mother was strained.

But this time, the story is very different.

It is like a magical story beautifully written.

Not that typical children’s book plot.

But I would like to use the word “magical” to describe the transformations that happened within my life.

I am in that same body but I am completely happy, grateful and loving every single moment of my life.

I Found My Way Back to Myself

I found most of my answers I was looking for.

I still do not have the answer to what the future will hold.

I recognize and acknowledge every single event, situation and stages I been through in my life.

The most important thing for me, inside there is no longer that feeling of turbulence.

That feeling like it will spin forever and you cannot get out of it anymore.

I know that there are no guarantees in this life.

Triggers will come and go.

For now, I am happily soaking in the stillness.

When life gets tough, I will anchor to that moment and pray it will carry me throughout.


Karizza Cuello, Author of Love