Have you experienced this when you were younger?

Asking the Universe for the sign for something you were contemplating?

We tell our friends our dilemma and they advised us to ask for signs.

Like a white rose, a dove, a special color to give us a hint on what to do.

I did that when I was younger but now is a bit different.

True enough we can ask the Universe.

Our gut instinct always guides us every step of our way.

If you are NOT aware and connected with your inner (higher) self, you can downplay it.

When you do this you can become immune to ignoring it, until you become numb.

The message is given to us through:

  • people,
  • the message we encounter while browsing the internet,
  • sometimes while watching a show and a certain dialogue caught our attention,
  • sometimes a book that suddenly you came across,
  • a caption that you read,
  • a billboard message,
  • you overheard a conversation and they were talking about the exact thing you were contemplating.
  • And many more.

Is it Coincidence?

Some may call it a coincidence.

But they are really sent to us to give us a hint to which direction to decide.

This is our guide.

As we go on in this journey of life try to go beyond on the things we were used to doing.

Be curious, ask questions and also grow together with all our experiences.

We don’t set the rules on what are the clues, it is for us to reflect on the things that suddenly is part of our now.

Normally they came to us in the least expected form and we have to contemplate and make a decision with discernment.

Final Words

I personally experienced these.

It takes practice to get truly connected with your inner guide.

I have been experiencing synchronicities most of my adult life.

At first, it feels weird to notice them but as time goes on I understand better.

Thank you for reading.


Karizza Cuello, Author of Love


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