You are born to win this life!

Yes, you read that right!

You are wonderful and beautiful as you are

You are a brave warrior

You are a strong sister,

a strong friend,

a strong best friend,

a strong daughter,

a strong mother,

a strong grandmother.

You are the light that illuminates the dark

You are gentle soul that gives support without asking something in return

You are that tiger that rise up when you are being step on

You are that child that build dreams and soar high

You are that beautiful flower that stands out, blooms and proud

You are that lion that roars loud and speaks up when someone in need of compassion

You are that star that sparkle at night

You are that ocean that is deep, blue and full of life

You are that blue sky that gives warmth, smile and beautiful backdrop

You are that child that burst out of giggles from happiness

Shine on sister

Light your inner fire

Connect with that never-ending spark

Bring it out to life

So you can offer others your light

And lead them to a remarkable life.


Karizza Cuello, Author of Love


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