I looked closely on the clothes that I have after I read the book by Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.


Although this book is not about finding my fashion style.

She let me asked myself.

I have a closet full of clothes but why do I feel I do not have enough?

I run through all of my items.

Like what she said I discovered not all my clothes Spark Joy in me.

That’s when it became my mission to learn and identify what is really my style.

The whole process was a trial and error.

I am not a minimalist.

But I would say I am happier now of what’s inside my closet compared to before.

It took me years to finally understand my own style.

8 Style Lessons

I learned these along the way.

1. Choose a versatile item in your favorite color

I am always drawn to the color red and cobalt blue.

Whenever I am out shopping I get too excited when I see those colors.

I grab them without considering its versatility.

As long as it fits or even if it didn’t, I will still get them.

Now I really think twice if it will go well with my other items.

2. Small handbag for petite

A smaller size handbag is better for petite like me.


3. Seamless and the right color of underwear

I learned that undergarments matter even they are not visibly seen.

If you have a nice dress but you found out late it is see-through, you can wear the right color of full-length camisole under.

4. Little Black Dress

I started with a little black dress before I accumulate the dresses that I have now.

I prefer dresses because I find it very challenging to mix and match.

You may say a black dress is too boring.

What I do is change the shoe, change my hairstyle, change my lipstick color, change my accessory, change my pose and my smile too.

To make it a little bit different in every photo.


5.  Get the item in different colors (when available)

When I found the perfect item, I get them in different colors.

I do this with shirts and dresses.

It saves me time and effort.

Most of my clothes are identical in different colors 😄.

6. Warm or Cool tone?

I shop base on my warm tone.

This is very helpful when picking the right color of clothes, makeup, jewelry, shoes etc. when shopping.

Choose the right color tone that compliments you.

7. Accessories

I stopped following trends.

Instead, I use classic pieces that I can wear dress up and dress down.

They don’t go out of style.

8. Take care of the clothes

I want them to last long.

I wash them accordingly.

I do the same with my shoes and bags.

I find it easier to take care of them than finding the next one I really like 😅.

I wish you good luck in finding your own style.

Thank you for reading.


Karizza Cuello, Author of Love
Love: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/791424


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