Can you believe this month is almost over?

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

💚I’ve finished this acrylic on canvas


💚This month I learned how to create and upload an ebook via Smashwords.

💚I am back with my oatmeal (with nuts, cacao, cinnamon etc.) for my breakfast and now my face is clearing up from rashes.

Back in December and January, I was tempted to eat rice (brown rice with turmeric) and fried (egg, dried anchovies) for my breakfast.

Rice is part of our every meal here in the Philippines.

💚I listened again to one of my course from Mindvalley.

💚I added pistol squats to my yoga routine. Why is it so hard 😅? I am slowly improving.

💚We were happy to found fresh beetroots in our local market. This month we also had this as juice + the green juice.IMG_2743.JPG

I hope everybody had a productive month and may we all have a blessed year ahead of us!


Karizza Cuello, Author of Love


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