(First a disclaimer, I am not a yoga teacher. Any yoga related post that will reflect of my blog are all based on my personal experience.)

Voices Inside the Head

My mental chatters are very active, alive and persistent in telling stories inside my head.

All my life I live with this noises keeping me company all day long.

They are not positive and this leads me to doubt myself, create fears, negativity and questioning my life story.

Add this to the fact that I am an introvert

I am not very sure if my mental chatters are more active than the others but what I know they are very loud at times.

First I adopted the gratitude mindset.

It took me years to really made this as my second nature.

I will do anything that will take me there.

That mental training brought improvements into my life

But my monkey mind is persistent and is very clever in finding ways to sneak in whenever given the chance

This happens when I am feeling down.

Life is not perfect, it is a dance between high and lows.

Learning Inversions

I am totally not an athletic type of person, I am shy, quiet and I have zero sports.

I can be a great candidate for the last person to dare learn to handstand at 33 years old.

The irony is yoga had stretched me not only physically but also mentally.I wanted to really help myself grow, expand and experience the life I wanted.

It empowered me to dare the things I never in my wildest dreams (in the context of yoga poses) I will ever do.

For me, it always starts with curiosity.

I will try it to find how it feels and if I came out of it alive and unhurt, it was a great news! haha

Yoga had taught me to tear down walls of fears one layer at a time.

Without me knowing I am becoming bolder and stronger as days go by, conquering one pose at a time.


Until one time I notice whenever I am doing inversion my mind is very quiet.

I felt extremely happy because finally, I was able to shut up my monkey mind.

After more than 3 years of practice I can say on or off my mat I am more balance compared to my old version.

But as I’ve said life is a dance between highs and lows.

Some days are easy than the others.

The only difference is now I know I can always count on my practice to help me find my peace in any situation.



Karizza Cuello, Author of Love
Love: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/791424

(I practice mostly at home and learned through youtube, codyapp and instagram’s yoga community. Only when I get a chance I sometimes attend a class)




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