We are in the month February and here in the province of Lipa, Philippines we still get 26 C during the day and temperature drops to 20 C at night.

I am enjoying the cold breeze and hissing sound of the wind almost all day.

We are in a tropical country and we only get to enjoy this chilly weather for short while.

Summer can be too hot ☀️.

Wet season means typhoon season and that can be destructive 💦.

For now we are all soaking in this in wonderful weather 😄.

Hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are.






  1. Sounds lovely where you are 🙂 It is so interesting to hear from bloggers in different parts of the world. I am living in Scotland, and we and the rest of the United Kingdom have been experiencing the heaviest snow that we’ve had in a few years – all in time for the ‘spring’ season!! Enjoy the lovely weather – 20 degrees C would be considered a hot summer for us…if we even get that ‘high’ 🙂 x


    1. Yes I am seeing photos of snows from my Ig feed. Take care. Here we are starting to feel the summer heat. Now our temperature is 27 C and it’s only 8am, it will be hotter later in the day ☀️. This is Philippines 🌴. Keep safe and warm 😀.

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