This is a continuation from Unlock your Potential.

Fresh Start this Year

That Special Gift, doesn’t have to be a special skill all the time.

Like on my Instagram I follow inspiring accounts who are ordinary people.

They do not have a social status as celebrity or something fancy.

But their personal stories always connect and touch many people across the globe.


I know of a lady who calls herself the girl who fell from the sky.

Because literally she survived a sky diving accident.

She was supposed to be NOT walking but now she is able to walk and inspire many people.

@em_carey (Emma Carey)

There was also a young lady who was supposed to be a lawyer.

She only left few units to finish her degree but she just cannot let her self do it.

Because her heart is telling her something else.

She battled depression for many years.

She just open her own yoga studio.

@elle_fit (Eliza Landgren)

I know of a mother and a wife who recently passed as of this writing.

Although she left her earthly body her story will remain to be an inspiration to many.

Her foot needed to be amputated after a freak accident on slack lining.

After that she had to learn the basics of walking again and more to go back to her active


Everything went back to normal after few years when they discovered she had a cancer.

The first cancer was eventually gone but after that a new one came.

She fought hard and gave her all.

Sometimes things just turned out the way it is.

She passed few days after new year.

This is the story of Heidi Zoltak. Her account is still open and currently managed by her husband.

Recently I found @lichellefisser account, she lost one arm in a bus accident in India back in 2016.


This didn’t stopped her from doing what she love and that is to travel the world.

Since her accident she also went back to her practice of ashtanga yoga.

A strong, admirable and beautiful woman.


The World Needs that Special Gift that You Only Have

Sometimes it is our story how we conquer our fears, face life and learn from it.

Sometimes by shedding our social mask and letting ourselves be vulnerable by sharing what is really in the depths our hearts.

In the process of doing this we can touch and give light to others who are going through the same struggles.

And in return we also received the support and push we needed in that time.

By embracing our own story  we become the gift to others.

Because no matter how different our skin color and other physical features we all go through life cycle of ups and downs.

We are all ONE.

I also believe all of us are meant to be successful in every way possible.

Each one of us have a unique story and different cross to carry in this life.

Yet in spite of that we have to be grateful for all the good and bad experiences.

There are lessons to be learned in every situation.

Let’s do our best not to commit the same mistake because if not we are ignoring what needs to be learned.

Experience life with an open eyes and wide awake.

One thing I know DREAMS do come true with a lot of effort.

I am sending you pure love and light.

And may we all find that special gift that we all have.




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