A continuation from Kickstart 2018 with a New Healthy Habit.

You may think this is a long list.

However I introduce this changes in baby steps with my Mom.

Because I want to avoid an outright rejection from her.

Gradually I will start with a suggestion.

We begin with trial and then the next thing I know, these are all in place.

Other habits we incorporated are:
  1. Switching from white rice to brown rice + adding turmeric powder with a little pepper. The pepper helps for the better absorption of curcumin in the blood.
  2. Having fresh young coconut water/buko juice (plain no added sugar)
  3. Fresh turmeric root/luyang dilaw tea with pepper.
  4. Remove pork, beef and chicken from our diet.
  5. Eat fruits in season (specially guyabano/soursop and pineapple)
  6. I also use fresh coconut milk/gata for our meals.


Brown Rice read The Super Simple Reason Why Brown Rice is Healthier than White Rice


DSC06286 2.jpg
Brown rice with turmeric


Vegetable fried rice
Rice Soup

Turmeric read 10 Proven Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin


Photo from David Wolfe Fb Page


Turmeric Powder


Fresh turmeric/luyang dilaw
Turmeric tea

There was a time that Coconut cooking oil and milk was portrayed as bad for our health.

New researched had emerged but the information haven’t reached all.

You can read more on the book Superfoods by David Wolfe, discussing a whole chapter about coconuts.

I’ve highlighted about Coconuts because in Philippines we are abundant on this.



Scan 10
Coconuts are part of the top 10 Superfoods

You can also read a brief information here.



Bo Sanchez have Healing Retreats conducted by Dr. Didoy Lubaton. (with a fee)

He also have a 52 Healing Habits which you can subscribe with a fee.

Doc Willie Ong have a Facebook page, he give free advise and health tips. He also have a You Tube Channel (Dr Willie Ong) in which he uploads his videos.

If you have other health habits, please share to me leave it in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

May we all stay healthy and wealthy too!






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