My Story

I remember as a child I would pass my day by spending hours on my coloring book.

I can finish 1 thick coloring book in 1 day if I will just let it go.

My Mom had to ask me to stop and to keep some pages for the coming days.

I am in a bliss, it was fun!

As I grow up I will experiment using other materials like pencil and cray-pas oil pastels.

I am very happy with a bond paper and other material I can grab and experiment on drawing.

When its about to decide which course to take in college,

I was advise that getting into Fine Arts was expensive because I needed to source out all the materials and it will not be a good paying career path.

Against my inner child’s passion I took up a different college degree.

As years goes by I am still very attached to that passion.

On Painting

I always find myself imagining painting and always very keen into understanding how to and use the materials I glance upon in stores!

Then 1 day I saw a paint by numbers kit on sale in Singapore.

I got myself 2 because it was on sale but I didn’t open it for about a year or so.

The size of the canvas was 15x20cm.

It was something unfamiliar to me then but by its name I know I will paint it by following the numbers.

It really didn’t excite me much at the beginning because I am busy and thinking about other things.

Until one day I finally decided to open it up.

At first it looked very hard because the number guides were very tiny. 😆

And the first thing that came to my mind was I might not be able to control my hands and fill in the small gaps.

Sounds silly but I really thought that might be a problem.


I challenged myself,

If I can actually finish the whole thing that means I have the patience in actually doing the whole process.

As I am doing the first canvas I am suddenly transported back to my childhood memory.

My mind tells me it was hard and looked complicated but when I am actually immersing myself into doing it, I am into bliss!

As I complete and fill in each of the white gaps, the more I get excited and it doesn’t died down.

Even it is tedious and time consuming the whole process for me is so fulfilling.

April 2014
April 2014

Since then I did not stop from learning how to do it.

For now I am doing it as a hobby and still experimenting because the more I do it, the more I learn that there are many techniques and different ways of presenting an idea into a canvas.

My soul is very happy right now that I am actually painting.

Because it is something for the longest time my heart is longing.

It’s like a love of your life that you are looking for but you are banned to go seek and find it.

Just because other people told me it will not be worth it.

You can check some of my works here.

On Writing

Writing is another path I really like.

I actually able to do this a bit on my personal Facebook.

The problem I encountered was I really don’t know how to present and construct my ideas.

I would say I was a bit messy or very messy in my words and the way I constructed it.

I have a very good intention in putting out an idea but somehow something went wrong in the process and delivering it.

No matter how well thought out, I felt it was.

I practice a lot, many times I just hit a wall and I cannot think further than that.

I will stopped but like anything else that feeling of something inside of you.

It urges you to keep on doing it, something you really cannot avoid.

I still end up writing my thoughts in any way or form, I just write.

Until one day I decided, I will do this blog and learn along the way.

If it doesn’t feel fulfilling I can always stop.

In Closing

What I am trying to say is,

I know inside every person there is something from your childhood that your heart is longing.

Maybe it is the same as mine, maybe not but whatever it is find a little time where you can go back and connect with it.

Learn how to do it. Do it and just do it.

You will only discover certain things once you do it in real sense and not be just trapped inside your head.

You will realise releasing it from inside your heart would mean a lot.

To a point of freedom or a different but special kind of joy.

I learned from watching You Tube tutorials.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.03.22 AM

There are people who are kind enough to share their knowledge via tutorials.

I learned the most from JM Lisondra.

He also have an FB Page, a community where his subscribers can share their own works.

I hope that any hidden potential you have, you will be able to unlock it and share to the world.

This is a screenshot from Marie Forleo’s website which I am very happy to be always reminded.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.12.25 AM
Photo from

What is that Special Gift that only you have?

I am also asking this to myself.

Part 2 Embrace Your Story.



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