In My Heart

Everybody has a hometown.

I once had a conversation with a resort owner in Bali, wise words he said

We cannot choose where we were born but we can choose where we can live and build our lives.

My Hometown

Perhaps you’ve heard of the just concluded Coconut Festival of San Pablo City.

This is a week-long celebration in honor of their patron Saint Paul the Hermit, held every 1st to 2nd week of January.

Don’t worry there are other reasons to visit the City of 7 Lakes.

I actually have seen an episode from Sandy Daza’s Food Prints featuring this city.

Because of that, I had an idea to revisit my hometown.

Our first stop was Sulyap.

We stayed here for an overnight because I also planned to visit Lake Pandin and Lake Yambo (Twin Lakes).

The Bed and Breakfast

 Sulyap from its name is a revisit from the past.

Once you enter their compound it is an instant journey back in time.

You will appreciate the heritage house, museum, furniture, all the details and elements of this beautiful place.

Grounds of Sulyap
Entrance to their main receiving area
Inside where guests check in


The garden orchard leading to their pool.

They have a restaurant, museum, bed and breakfast, an event and function hall.

We stayed at the Casa Obando.

The common living area from the second floor of Casa de Obando.

The room was equipped with A/C, TV and was spacious inside.

Basic amenities like shampoo and bar soap were provided.

The problem I encountered from the room that was assigned to us was the water was not draining well from the shower.

Our breakfast was inclusive.

They asked our order the night before so they can prepare accordingly.

The morning sunshine from the dining area located at the ground floor.

One reminder for those who will plan to visit here, bring insect repellant because mosquitoes were everywhere.

From their receiving area, walking to the orchard garden and even at the pool.

Food Specialty

The highlight of our stay was the food from our dinner.

It was so good.

I would recommend trying the local special dish called Kulawo and Pako Salad.

Kulawong Talong
Ensaladang Pako

I also have to mention that their staff was very courteous.

2nd Destination

Next stop was the Twin Lakes.

There was a 15 minutes trek before reaching the beautiful and serene view of Lake Pandin.

We arrived here at around 9am where the heat was not that strong.

We had our early lunch on the bamboo raft (2 hours allotted time per bamboo raft).

We had a reservation so we didn’t have to wait.  Ms Tina 09079952983

It is a simple meal yet the best meal to accompany the beautiful backdrop.


After our lunch, we hike to see Lake Yambo.


We enjoyed this trip a lot!

Thank you for reading.

Below is the video from Lake Pandin and Yambo Lake.

The recipe for vinaigrette is at the description box. It is simple yet very tasty salad.


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