My Yoga Story

I started my home practice when I was 32 years old.

I was stiff I do not have any athletic, dance, ballet background and I don’t do any form of exercise at all.

Back then I have no idea what was yoga. We were in Bali when I had my very first yoga class.

Towards the end of the session, the teacher asked us to try and explore an arm balance called crow pose.

I wasn’t able to do that but I tried and I vividly remember I was amazed how she can lift her leg just like that without a blink of an eye.

My curiosity unto that one pose leads me to my practice now.

After class in Bali


My first time to do the crow pose

During my first year of practice, it was a pose goal-oriented approach.

I am doing it because I was fixated on the end goal of doing as many poses as I could.

Further down the road eventually, it naturally evolved and made me realized what was more important.

I’ve read many related books, articles, and reflections by fellow yogi written on their  Instagram account.

Through all this, I discovered the profound meaning of showing up on my mat.

I was able to reflect on my life, the stage where I am at and the seemingly simple poses walked me through many inner shifts.

I am into my 4th year of home practice this year.

2 Important Things

It was not easy because

1. you need to make time

2. you need to have the discipline to do it

It may be discouraging at first because it is a lot of hard work.

Final Words

All these are part of the preparation.

These are exactly the things that will help you transform.

My practice taught me the profound meaning of Self Love.

That Nothing is Impossible,  every time I practice I am only getting stronger.

The concept of I am a Work in Progress, that I can always evolve and bring out the best in me.

With an Open Heart and Open Mind, I learned to ignore the noises inside my head.

Telling me stories I am not good enough and I am weak.

I learned to think beyond all my fears one small step at a time.

My practice also taught me that beyond that edge is where growth happens.



Karizza Cuello, Author of Love


Do you want to start a home practice, you may check out Kino Macgregor’s 1-month beginners challenge from YouTube.




When my spine feels stiff, I do this stretch.




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