In My Heart

Travelling can be enlightening, I say so because it was for me.

Out today’s population is so addicted to taking photos and videos of every single moment.

We are trying to catch this “moment” to be on our feed.

But we forget that we need to satisfy our own souls

Before others eyes for likes and hearts.

I hope we can finally understand that it is not what other people’s opinion about us that is important.

What’s important is how our hearts truly feels at the end of each day.

On Our Travel

We had a short visit to Singapore last October of 2017.

We stayed at Ascott Raffles Place booked through Airbnb.

The hotel is a short walking distance to Lau Pa Sat where we had our daily breakfast.

Local Food

Our favorite is the kaya toast set.

This comes with 2 soft boiled egg, kaya toast in brown bread and your choice of teh or kopi (tea or coffee).

the kaya toast haven’t served
the toast and the soft boiled egg

Lau Pa Sat is a national monument of Singapore.

It is a historic building located downtown.

If you want to visit Singapore and you are into a reading novel. I recommend you to check the Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.

So far I’ve only read the first book and I enjoyed it 😁.

This will be a motion picture, to be released this year.

Lau Pa Sat, of course, was mentioned in the book as soon as the main characters arrived at Changi Airport.

The book kept on mentioning how good kueh lapis so I got one from the hawker center.

kueh lapis from Lau Pa Sat

I would guess there were many kinds of kueh lapis since this one is only gelatin.

I will hunt for a good one next visit.

If you know a great place for yummy kueh lapis, please let me know.

During breakfast, there are also other stalls offering breakfast.

We have a version of this from the Philippines and it is called Pancit. It is tastier than this.

This is a plain wok fried vermicelli and flat noodles with sides of vegetables.

When you say Singapore first comes to mind is the chicken rice.

Here were the chicken rice and mee rebus we had before boarding the ferry to Batam.


Serve with bokchoy, pickled chilli as condiment, soup and we had ice kopi and teh for our drinks.

Great food!

Final Words

I also included a short video below.

The first part was a local dessert place in Chinatown.

You can see similar dessert places like this all over Singapore.

The beef noodles at Lau Pa Sat was very good too, the serving was big and its good for sharing. Please refer to the video.



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