Last night I found this video by Susan Cain.

My Story

I am speaking as an introvert myself.

All my life I thought I am at a disadvantage because I am quiet and find peace reading a book.

I tried fitting in and competing in a world dominated by extroverts.

I did survive and was promoted fast but it drained me.

My soul crave for inner connection, solitude and time alone from the craziness that is all happening around me.

There were many times I was taken advantage since I usually work quietly on my own with my team.

Former colleagues stole ideas from me reported to our boss making it their own.

Truth Will Prevail

At the end of the day truth will always prevail because I am the only right person who can execute the idea because it was created by me.

I would say shine your light, shine your truth and honor your true self.

Please watch the video, it is viewed 7million times. It is also said to be Bill Gates favourite Ted Talk of all time .

Additional read by Susan Cain.


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