My Story

From 365 days of handstand, learning to paint using acrylics via you tube, travelling and becoming a green juice lover.

I am welcoming 2018 with yet another adventure.

I had been very private in my personal FB, but now I am ready to share stories in this platform.

This was 1 year in the making.

Why Miss Kace? You can check on my earlier blog entry Miss Kace.

The story started when I applied for scholarship with B (Business) school by Marie Forleo via posting a public video on you tube. (Whew, that was nerve racking!)

2017 video application for B School scholarship

I was not chosen but it was a good start of 2017.

I watched her other free videos and she always say everything was figureoutable.

The Journey to New Adventure

So I embarked on the journey of figuring out things on my own 😅.

  • I googled everything I wanted to know.

I wanted to start a blog.

It maybe just a 4 harmless letter word but it involve a lot skills before I can even start writing stories to tell.

I had to learn each one of them.

I had 1 year practice so to speak.

How to edit videos?

How can I create a You tube channel?

How to upload videos on You tube and add music?

How to create a customise thumbnail?

Where can I create my blog post?

How to customise the site?

Where to edit my photos?

How to pose in my photos 😆?

Striking a pose while waiting for the green light to walk

What stories to tell?

How to create an FB Page?

How to use it?

And I have tons of more endless questions.

  • 2017 I opened an Fb Page and sign up on a free WordPress site too as my practice.

It was Kace_Yoga from here I realised, I am more than my practice of yoga.

  • I listed down name choices for the 2018 site, it all starts with a name right? 


  •  I also wrote down my plans on what to execute.

For me it is very important to write them down.

Because as you go further along the way you will realised what you will keep and the things that you don’t like.

And it is easy to have reference after months of doing other stuff.

You know life happens in between this.

  •  Next was I had to discipline myself on posting on my personal FB.

After 4 months I closed my kace_yoga page and practice more on my personal Fb and treated it like my Blog site.

I  post one photo at a time and write a good caption.

  •  I also needed to practice my writing.

I can go on and on with this story.


The concept of “practice makes progress” from yoga is applicable in other areas of our life.

I believe that in this day and age it is easier to do what your heart desires because most of the informations are free.

You just need to set a time and discipline to dedicate if you really want to learn new things.

Every effort counts and it will never be a waste of your time.

For as long as what you are doing is something that will make you happy or that will bring joy to you.

We are welcoming a new year! Maybe today is the right or perhaps the best time for you, to discover new things.

It can be learning how to bake, cook a special dish, learn how to paint, loose weight.

Whatever it is.

Believe that you can do it!

I am wishing everybody a Happy New Year and the best Luck for 2018!



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