Bo Sanchez had been my virtual mentor since I started working.

I watched his interview with Mr. Arthur Gadin from #Successlive and here I will share my own personal experience with the hospitality industry.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 9.52.40 AM

3 important points mentioned from the interview were:

  1. 24/7 Industry

  2. Attitude

  3. Ownership

My Story

I worked with this industry for 10 years.

I have 7 years work experience in a restaurant and 3 years in a luxury hotel.

It is my chosen career and I really felt it was the right industry for me then.

  • I loved it when he emphasizes that hospitality is a 24/7 service.

They should introduce this as well in schools so the students would know what to expect.

I was a graduate of La Salle-Lipa, during those 4 years I was a full-time student.


I was from the province and after having my bachelors degree I looked for a job in Alabang.

My first work was at Delifrance (now Cafe France) as a crew.

My colleagues thought I will not survive because I was a graduate of La Salle.

It was my first exposure to the reality of the world.

It was different from what I expected but I fully understood then that we needed to earn the title of a manager.

I did all the crew work for 6 months including mopping the floor, wiping the glass panel, washing the dishes, cashier etc.

On hindsight, 6 months was very short but it was a big adjustment for me then.

From student to living alone, away from family + workload.

After this period another set of adjustments because finally, I became a Management Trainee (6months).

I was the store manager of an outlet for 5 years before I finally decided that it’s time for me to grow my experience more.

Next, I venture into the hotel industry overseas.

I thought the restaurant was tough but my hotel experience I have to say was even tougher.

I became part of the Raffles Hotel Singapore F&B management team for almost 3 years.



The screening during the interview and all the life experience in between I had to go through before I finally got the job was hard.

It was not a very smooth transition and perseverance was my key.

It was my first time working with different nationalities and honestly, I had to learn things from scratch since I came from a very different work background.

I needed to acquire the skills to deliver an impeccable luxury quality standard of service.

  • The last 2 important points mentioned in the video was Attitude and Ownership.

If you know this 2 by heart, this will be your greatest asset.

There are a lot of opportunities within the hotel and it is a fast phased industry.

If you have the right attitude and are willing to do the sacrifice you will get promoted fast.

Final Words

The hospitality industry is different in many areas.

I loved it because it was my chosen career and honestly, I gave all my best in every step of my way.

I learned a lot, worked with different great mentors, met the different guests from all over the world, polished my leadership skills in handling different nationalities and a lot more in between.

This is the big picture of the world of Hotel and Restaurant Industry.

There are a lot of sacrifices, high pressure, and hard work involved but if service is your passion every step of the way is worth it.

Thank you for reading!





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